About Me

My name is Muhammad Harith Irfan bin Hasmi. I'm 20 years old this year. So oviosly my hoppy is playing games and my favourite game is Mobile Legends Bang Bang which is you can play ot on your smartphone. The fact that I love to play Moba gaming I don't think I can cover. I enjoy the fact that there are many new games in the genre, since I like the genre a lot. I cross my fingers even that there would be no overload. One huge reason I just enjoy video games is that they are a way out of our dull and often monotonous lives. Often it is good to place a fabricated character on the shoes and ignore all our difficulties. I know I come home and put a headset after a long day and play a fun game; action fantasy games, so I'm sucked into the world of games and I'm all about forgiving. I agree that another reason we enjoy video games is that they give us a feeling of achievement. When you end a decent match, it's a sensation for which you have trouble winning. It's important for you like you did everything right. That's why we keep playing games that stop us shouting and rage. Violent games are great for getting angry, because they get criticised by parents, the media and the government. In BB Dylan's words, we love violent games because they help us get rid of our disappointments in good health and in a good way. We love violent games. Those that blow up their rage and don't get it out are the ones with difficulties. Yes, there is always the rare case of someone saying that the duty calls made people want to kill," but that's very rare.

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